• Jim Grant President

    Founder and President, Jim’s creativity and strategic foresight keeps ēlizur leading the way within the continually changing healthcare industry. His undeniable passion and universal respect for others help guide the entire ēlizur team to provide the highest quality of service for our clients.

  • Bill Bauer
    Bill Bauer Executive Vice President

    Bill, affectionately called Boss, oversees financial, compliance, and human resource functions for ēlizur. His impressive background includes sales and senior management in distribution and manufacturing.

  • Lucas Balmer
    Lucas Balmer Manager, Purchasing & Distribution
  • Jeremy Baran
    Jeremy Baran Financial and Data Analytic Services
  • Aaron Best
    Aaron Best Senior Manager, Implementation
  • Aaron Calla
    Aaron Calla Manager, Orthotics
  • Scott Huber
    Scott Huber Regional Manager, Ohio River Basin
  • Levon Hudson
    Levon Hudson Senior Sales Representative
  • Beth Logan
    Beth Logan Manager, Intake
  • Tim Murdoch
    Tim Murdoch Regional Manager, Pittsburgh
  • Chelsianna Noone
    Chelsianna Noone Director, Claims Logistics
  • Brenda Roberts
    Brenda Roberts Manager, Business Support
  • Lauren Rzeznik
    Lauren Rzeznik Manager, Accounts Receivable