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Locally Based, Industry Leader

Our patient-centric approach focuses on collaborative selection, extensive follow-up, and state-of-the-art motion analytics / outcome assessment. We provide complete orthotic and prosthetic care with products carefully selected to aid in pain reduction and improve quality of life. From evaluation, to fabrication, to follow-up, we are committed to achieving the patient’s optimal level of function. 

Orthotic & Prosthetic Care

We strive to fit everyone no matter how challenging the pathology or physique. Each product is selected based on the physician’s prescription, outcome goals, and lifestyle demands.  

  • the highest quality fabrication & componentry
  • a personalized approach to accommodate each patient
  • cost-effective care to achieve the optimal level of function

Motion Analytics

We use state-of-the-art BioMech sensors to capture motion metrics and evaluate our orthotics and prosthetic outcomes with clinically meaningful data. Utilizing real-time biofeedback, patients learnto optimize their deviation and recovery metrics.

  • quantity balance, gait, symmetry, and ROM

Comprehensive Product Catalog

We source the best products from all leading manufacturers. Technically, you can get the same product anywhere. We pride ourselves on how we delivery that product.  

  • artificial limbs
  • assistive devices
  • bone growth stimulators
  • DVT prevention
  • foot orthotics & shoes
  • home rehab devices
  • orthopaedic bracing
  • pain management devices

Let's Work Together

If you are interesting in learning more about a possible elizur partnership with your practice, please fill out this form. We look forward to working with you.