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SlingShot Neutral

The SlingShot Neutral Shoulder Brace is a Breg product that securely holds the affected arm in neutral position. It feature mesh fabric for air exchange and a neutral pillow.


Warnings & Precautions

If you experience a rash, please contact elizur and your physician immediately.

Quick Checklist for Use
  • Elbow should be as far back in the sling as possible. 
  • Elbow should be straight down from the shoulder. (You should be able to draw a vertical line connecting the two.)
  • The shoulder should NOT be hiked upward. The position of the pillow and/or sling should be low enough to support the forearm without hiking the shoulder upward.
  • Forearm and hand should be parallel to the ground, or slightly upward. The forearm or hand should never dip down.
  • If using the pillow, the concave part should be in contact with your body. Stay aware to ensure the pillow does NOT roll down.